A Christmas Poem by my Daughter

Maddy (our 10 year old daughter) came into our room with this poem she had written. We think it is rather good. I publish it here with her permission!

I am the Virgin
obedient and young.
I’m Jesus’ mother
a song of praise I’ve sung.

I am the father
– but only a fill in.
God also warned me
when Herod tried to kill him.

I am the donkey,
trotting on the road,
and on my back I carry
a rather heavy load.

I am the inn keeper
with a young woman at my door.
I say sadly to her
she’ll have to sleep outdoors.

I am a shepherd –
so tired and scared –
we ran to see Jesus
our presence we shared.

I am a wise man
I follow a star
we follow it and travel
near and far.

I am the baby
so small and folorn
I am Jesus
a baby, new born.

All of these people
are part of the story,
but as the main part
the baby has the glory.

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0 Responses to A Christmas Poem by my Daughter

  1. Mikha'el says:

    That is impressive!

  2. Schütz says:

    Thanks, Mikha’el! Maddy wants me to report any comments I receive to her, so I will pass that on! (She likes feedback!)

  3. Louise says:

    Yes, I’m very impressed too. I’ll have to show it to my kids – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

    Well done, Maddy!

  4. Mikha'el says:

    Well, David, if Maddy went to the ‘trouble’ of writing the poem and she likes feedback, then it’s only fair that I flesh out what I meant by ‘impressive’.

    Her poem was more than I would have expected from a 10 year old child, both in terms of her poetry skills, but more importantly, in terms of her grasp of the event. She skilfully used poetry to express in words what was living in her imagination. She recognised a number of important figures and themes affiliated with the Incarnation and—in as few words as possible—retold the story in eight, lovely poetical verses.

    I would hope that any satisfaction Maddy may draw from this post would spur her on to do more!

  5. Schütz says:

    Wow. Ta, Mikh’ael, I will definitely pass that on to her.

    We were singing Christmas carols in the car on the weekend from my 1928 edition of the Oxford Book of English Carols – so you can imagine that they were older ones, and older unfamiliar versions. I was the only one with the text, so I was playing a game of singinging a line and a half of a verse and then letting whoever in the car could guess to complete the line and the rhyme. All members of the family were remarkably skilled at this, which makes me think that there is something in the form of a Christmas carol that we have grown to expect, and a number of well used phrases and rhymes that regularly pop up. I think Maddy was drawing on this wealth of tradition in her memory.

    By the way, Mikh’ael, you are a new commentator on the block, so a hearty welcome, and come back often!

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