What we need in this situation

By Michael Leunig, published in the A2, The Age, 20th March 2010

I think Leunig has put his finger on just what it is that we need in the current situation. Where can I get one?

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3 Responses to What we need in this situation

  1. Terry Maher (Past Elder) says:

    Obviously not in the RCC, where one only finds rose coloured glasses.

    • Schütz says:

      No, Terry, I specifically meant in the Catholic Church. Our rose coloured glasses are completely shattered I can assure you. Don’t underestimate the pain that this situation is causing for Catholic people who love their Lord, love their priests and bishops and pope, and love their Church. Don’t be too callous or cynical – I know it easy to be and tempting for those with no love for the Catholic Church. But it is the easy road, and it is unbecoming of a brother in Christ.

  2. Terry Maher (Past Elder) says:

    I am not underestimating the pain; as I mentioned earlier I am rather well acquainted with it but I will discuss that no further. Of course I know you mean in the RCC, and the reference to rose coloured glasses is not specifically about clerical sexual abuse. It is that the RCC and Catholicism itself is a set of rose-coloured glasses, and will be no Understandascope re anything, this problem or any other.

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