"The Young Pope"??? Everyone's Favourite Friar on "Salt and Light"

Our beloved Dominican Bishop Anthony Fisher, now Ordinary of the Diocese of Parramatta in Australia, was interviewed by fellow World Youth Day organizer (Toronto 2002), Fr. Thomas Rosica, in June at the Salt and Light Broadcast Centre in Canada while. It was broadcast on July 18, an dyou can find the entire video interview here:

It is astounding to think that WYDSYD08 was now two years ago. My children still remind me of moments and experiences of that time – it is fixed in their memories and hearts.

The comment about “the young pope” is Rosica’s, commenting on +Anthony’s Dominican habit, which is, as +Anthony goes on to explain, actually the origin of the pope’s custom of of wearing white. Our “Young Pope”? Well, we think he has the potential. If only he would give some attention to learning Italian… Actually, on that note, someone recently told me that the new President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Archbishop of Basel, Kurt Koch, doesn’t know Italian and is currently doing a crash course! A word to our Friendly Friar: Ignorance of Italian won’t save you!

Speaking of Nuns and Sisters and Monks and Friars, which we have been, sort of, here is one of my favourite jokes:

When Timothy Radcliffe was head of the Dominican Order, he visited the St Dominic’s Priory in East Camberwell while Fr Anthony was there. Anthony was rostered on with Fr Dom to do the cooking that night, and showed off his culinary expertise with his famous fish and chips. (Anthony really is a very good cook – If he doesn’t become Pope, at least he should have a chance to be the Masterchef!). Anyway, Fr Radcliffe apparently enjoyed the meal so much, he asked the Prior if he could meet the cooks. Frs Anthony and Dom came in front of the General of their order, and Fr Radcliffe said to Fr Dom: “So, you cooked this excellent fish?”. “No,” replies Fr Dom, “I’m just the Chip Monk. Fr Anthony is the Fish Friar.”

You can groan now.

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5 Responses to "The Young Pope"??? Everyone's Favourite Friar on "Salt and Light"

  1. Matthias says:

    Oh well if he becomes Pope he will certainly go from the Friaring pan into the Fires of battle

  2. Bear says:

    It’s good to see that puns are simply offences against good taste and nothing else.

    As one of your earlier posts indicated, Fra Dom is a little inaccurate when he describes himself as the Chip Monk — or was that a reference to singing style??

  3. adam says:

    Let’s not get carried away just yet. He’s not even an archbishop, let alone a cardinal and there’s no dead pope around.
    Time all this hoopla over one bishop in a Sydney outer suburb just receded.
    Good cooking has never been a hallmark for a conclave wanabee.

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